List of the Top 14 Drinks in the USA

There are more alcoholic drinks here than you can toss a stick at, yet only a small handful of them are considered to be “authentic” or “popular” in the area. These are the top American mixed drinks.

Mixing distilled spirits, non-alcoholic mixers, bitters, and ice, American cocktails come in an eye-popping variety of colours, tastes, and presentations. That doesn’t mean standard mixed drinks lack diversity, but these are the best cocktails around. They really take it up a notch.

The abundance of choices may leave you unable to make a choice. Here are some of the most ordered and widely-made cocktails in the US to give you ideas for your next bar visit or home bartending session.

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1. Aperol Spritz

The Aperol Spritz, an orange Italian drink, is often enjoyed as an aperitif before a dinner. The drink’s spicy, refreshing flavour has helped it gain popularity in the United States in recent years. Don’t worry; the Spritz’s American-ness lies in its adaptability and widespread acclaim, making it the perfect drink for warm weather or a trip to California. Serve them cold with an orange slice with Aperol, prosecco, and club soda.

2. Negroni

The Negroni is another another Italian drink with a storied background and widespread appeal beyond the borders of Italian America. Its bitter, refined characteristics have made it a popular addition to bar menus throughout the country, from New York to Houston to Seattle. Classic negronis are prepared with gin, Campari, and dry vermouth and served over ice with a twist of lemon.

3. The Traditional Campari Sour

You won’t find many standard cocktail recipes that use Campari. You’ll find a little drink here, coming in at a total of 2 ounces, but there are plenty of other alternatives out there. Its sour flavour is intended to be used as a pre-meal palate cleanser before a heavy meal. Vodka, Campari, fragrant bitters, and a lemon twist are the ingredients in this cocktail.

4. Espresso martini

Need a pick-me-up to get you through the night? The espresso martini has become a classic drink that may be served at any formal event. Ingredients include vodka, coffee liqueur, and espresso. To give it a frothy appearance, you may also whip an egg white and spoon it on top.

5. A Daiquiri

One of the most popular drinks in the United States, the adventurous daiquiri is made by combining light rum, simple syrup, ice, and the pulp of half a lemon. If you’re looking for some traditional drinks to enjoy while lounging on the porch during the warmer months, look no further than these.

6. Long Island Iced Tea

Sweet and surprisingly boozy, Long Island iced tea is a popular drink. An very potent cocktail made with gin, fresh lemon juice, tequila, triple sec, vodka, and white rum, finished with cola and served cold. While iced tea deserves its popularity, keep in mind that its sugary appearance belies its potency.

7. Manhattan

As the name implies, Manhattans are a cocktail created for city life. This drink, which combines rye whisky or bourbon, sweet vermouth, and orange bitters, is strong, refined, and sophisticated. To give it that extra bit of New York City class, brandied cherries are occasionally used as a garnish.

8. Margarita

Even if you haven’t tried many other kinds of mixed cocktails before, you probably already know what this one is. Lime juice, tequila, triple sec or cointreau, and ice make up the margarita. If you want to save time while creating this at home, you may use a margarita mix that has already been improved. Add a garnish, like a lime slice, and it will be perfect.

9. Mimosa

The mimosa is a beverage synonymous with high-end American leisure, often served at lavish brunches, elegant lunch parties, and other gatherings held in the early spring. You’ll just need orange juice and champagne to whip up this easy cocktail. They’re served up in a flute with an orange wheel garnish.

10. Old Fashioned

The old fashioned’s basic formulation has made it a staple in the hearts of whisky lovers everywhere. This classic cocktail has its roots deep in the annals of cocktail history. This classic cocktail calls for simple syrup (or sugar), angostura bitters, bourbon, crushed ice, and an orange twist for garnish.

11. Bloody Mary

Similar in sound but in no way in spirit to the famed killer, the bloody Mary is a substantial brunch beverage prepared from tomato juice and vodka. Garnished with your choice of celery stalks, asparagus spears, or olives, this dish’s sour flavour and eye-catching presentation will leave a lasting impression.

12. New York Sour

For good reason, New York sours are another popular American cocktail. Similar to the classic whisky sour, New York sours include whisky, lemon juice, sugar, egg whites, ice, and dry red wine. A rocks glass is used for this.

13. Whiskey Sour

New York’s forerunner, the whisky sour, must naturally be included as well. Whiskey, fresh lemon juice, ice, egg whites, and a maraschino cherry go into making this easy drink.

14. Fourth of July shot

In certain cases, a patriotic-looking stacked shot is more popular than a cocktail in the United States. The Fourth of July cocktail shot is one of the most patriotic-looking of these beverages, and it’s made with Jell-O, Malibu rum, and milk.

If you want to wow your friends with your newfound mixology talents, serve them this patriotic beverage, but remember to chill each layer in between colour additions.

How to choose the ideal American mixed drink

  • Don’t feel obligated to keep drinking the same thing because it’s trendy. Feel free to try something new while perusing a cocktail list online or a drink menu at a bar or restaurant.
  • Some cocktails have a greater alcohol content than your standard American brew, and they usually cost more than a six pack. Consider your budget before placing an order.

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