11 Brutal Truths About Loving A Libra 

There can be no war with us.

Libras just want goddamn global peace, so enter us in a beauty competition, now. You can be sure we'll try to make it so on a more individual level.

We’re a little out there.

Maybe we imitate animals in conversation or start acting like cats (sorry, I can't help it); maybe we come up with strange dances in the kitchen.

We’re great listeners.The Dish

All you hurting couples, come talk to us. We may not be able to make your problems disappear, but we promise to always listen with compassion .

Lovely things fascinate us.

We admit it: we have a shopping problem and are little materialistic. We appreciate the worth of a monetary investment in a product of high quality.

We struggle with being decisive

It's not out of the ordinary for us to have a 16-page to-do list and yet agree to take on a last-minute business assignment, errand for a loved one.

We can't make up our minds

Regardless of the magnitude of the choice at hand, whether it is whether to accept a new job or whether to eat chicken or fish for dinner.

We know how to flirt and enchant.

Among Libras, you'll find a very even-tempered and diplomatic group. No need to fear; we're not dishonest people and we'll always be completely devoted to you.

We’re insane about fall.

Based only on our birthdates, we believe we have the right to lay claim to its creation and are thus certain that everyone else shares our enthusiasm for it. 

Rest and relaxation

Well, we enjoy our free time, but only so that we can come back stronger and more prepared for the next challenges and adventures. 

We like taking on difficult tasks

We are restless souls that are constantly looking for something new to challenge ourselves with, whether it guitar lessons, triathlon training, or a foreign language.

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