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In love, you might accept someone or leave them. No middle. Love never bargains, expects, or fails. Just being there or not. Everything between is a jaded, self-serving love.


 You won't move their path. Nope. Please remember that if someone is not ready for love, nothing you say or do will make them love you. You'll crush your own heart.


No one will ever fully understand the internal conflicts you had to fight to heal, grow, and make it today. Be proud of your self-defense. Honor your survival.


Determine you deserve meaningful friendship, commitment, and love with healthy, vibrant people.
Wait a moment in the dark.
Watch things change swiftly.


The worst way to live is to torture ourselves every day by saying that we can't start living now because something in the past didn't go as planned.


It speaks a lot about them and nothing about you how they make you feel. Believe me when I say that you should not love anybody who makes you wonder if you are deserving of their love.


Waiting for someone else to come along and transform our lives is something we all need to stop doing. Don't hesitate to be the one you've been looking for.


Self-care. Focus on the good days and forget the negative ones. Life and we aren't perfect. Days will go well and go poorly. Balance is taking the good with the bad. 


The wrong people are simply the ones we meet at the wrong time.


You don't have to relinquish all of your authority when you forgive. You're finally prepared to take it back when you forgive someone.


Making that one choice you are so hesitant to make could be the precise thing that best sets you free.


Trace the scars that life has given you from time to time. It will serve as a reminder of the battles you had in the past. You had faith.


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