2023's most popular Irish name.

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A list of the most popular baby names in 2023 has been made public, and one Irish name for a girl is already becoming famous.

Meave is one of the top ten names for boys and girls so far for 2023. It is one of the more odd names from around the world that seem to be growing in favor.

Name experts Nameberry made the list by looking at which names on their website have been looked at the most so far in 2023.

Maeve's spot on the list doesn't come as much of a surprise, since Nameberry predicted earlier this year that it would become one of the most popular baby names in the US.

Maeve is an English spelling of the Irish name Meabh, which can also be written as Meadhbh. The name Maeve means "dangerous" and "she who rules." 


It has always been popular in Ireland, but places like the US didn't always do it.

Nameberry says that Maeve would be a great choice for a first or middle name because it has more meaning and character than Mae or May and a more current charm than Mavis.

In Irish stories, the name is well-known. People thought that Queen Maeve of Connacht was one of the best leaders of her time.

So far in 2023, Maeve is the third most popular name for girls. Aurelia, Eloise, Alice, Aurora, Isla, Luna, Ophelia, and Iris are some of the other names on that list.

Maeve was the only Irish name suggested, likely because Irish boy's names don't seem to be popular.

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