2023's Zodiac Sign Spring Nails

1. Fiery Aries

The zodiac's first sign, Aries, begins on the spring equinox. Rambunctious rams will love nail art that matches their personality and inspires them to embrace the holidays. 

2. Spring Baby Taurus

Venus, the Taurus ruler, represents green and pink. Green marble art in spring will awaken the Bull's heart to romance and creativity. 

3. Gemini's Mix

Every nail has a tea story. The talkative sign will love a colorful manicure design with diverse emotions and stories.

4. Cancer's Lunar Glow 

This nail art with sequins, stars, and moons will suit crabs, who hide in their cocoons to nourish themselves


5. Leo's Jelly Nails

The lion is captivating, honest &attention-seeking. Leo will proclaim their desires this spring with a vivid pink jelly base with sparkles and glitter.

6. Virgo's Daisies

Virgo, who will be drawn to nostalgia, affection, and compassion this spring, should paint their nails with daisies, which symbolize joy, innocence, and simplicity.

7. Cherry-Bomb Libra

Libra's french manicure will benefit from sparkling and fruity decorations. Cherry sweetness and sourness will balance the air sign this spring.

8. Rock 'n Roll Scorpio

Scorpio would love this bright print. To show their intensity, defiance, and confidence, scorpions should wear bright stingers. This gothic nail art protects spring. 

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9. Sagittarius' Candy Store

This nail art will inspire the fiery zodiac sign to wear polka dots all season long because they represent universal strength and passion, which bring good vibes.

10. Business Casual Capricorn

Capricorns enjoy sophisticated and classic patterns since they are mature and diligent. The purple outline makes this caramel tortoise nail art bouncy. 

11. Aquarius' Blues

Aquarius, the winged humanitarian, flies from the mountains to the valleys to offer water to the community. 

12. Whimsical Pisces

 The gradient style matches their ever-changing emotions and personality, and the gorgeous colors are a work of art that the creative water sign may enjoy. 

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