'Highly Sensitive' Brain

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3 Signs Your Child Has A 

Your child's unusual behavior may baffle you both. Hypersensitivity may cause reactivity.

1. They are precocious and extremely aware or responsive

Reactivity is signaling to you that something is different. The reactive behavior seems incomprehensible due to your non-experience. You can only follow the breadcrumbs. 

Early, unusual motor skills and sensory engagement may have been indicators since birth. Your infant may have been happy or sad. 

They may have spoken well. You may wonder, "How could they have known that?" as toddlers. Comparatively, you may feel self-conscious. Sometimes they appear familiar.

Does your youngster refuse to wear garments because they're too rough? Does she shriek when someone hugs her from behind?

2. They startle easily or take teasing to heart

Does she cry when her siblings taunt her? Is she smart and teachers applaud you as parents in school meetings?

Welcome aboard. Your child is likely sensitive. You're probably sensitive too. I was/am. At 4, downstairs neighbor "Kenny" teased me. I cried daily. 

My parents hugged me but sent me outside. Over time, I learned to defend myself. My parents balanced affection and push to the outer world.

Sensitive brained children may be overwhelmed and anxious.

3. They are frequently overwhelmed by external stimuli

As a psychologist, I have worked with highly sensitive teenagers with psychiatric issues, some of which led to early drug use. Their "very sensitive brain" makes soothing themselves difficult.

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