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3 Zodiac Signs Are "Pleasantly

Another day for fixed signs means you benefit Scorpio. The Moon, Venus, and Uranus dance in Taurus today. Taurus rules your seventh house, or relationship sector

1. Scorpio

 so when it activates, you'll observe changes in this area. Pluto entered Aquarius, your fourth house of home and family, yesterday. 

The North Node and Uranus have activated Taurus, while Saturn just concluded and Pluto replaced it in Aquarius, focusing on these two regions of your life for years.

Your first house is active because Moon, Venus, and Uranus are in your zodiac sign. This part of your chart and life controls your views, needs, and worldview. 

2. Taurus

Because you can't develop your dream life without honouring yourself with truth, it's the basis. Since 2018, Uranus has been in your zodiac sign,

helping you become this version of yourself and release the urge to please others or find stability elsewhere. As it exits Taurus in three years, it is reconstructing.

Pluto, the underworld lord, entered Aquarius yesterday. Pluto takes over where Saturn left off and challenges you to change, even if it's not what you expected.

3. Aquarius

As an air sign, you are more flexible than others, but as a fixed sign, you are a doer and might get caught up in getting the job done that you forget if it still corresponds with your truth.

Moon, Venus, and Uranus empower your fourth house—home, family, and healing—today.

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