Horoscopes March 12 -18, 2023

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3 Zodiac Signs Exceptional 

As you've been feeling rather upbeat lately, you'll be saying things like "Worrying is such a hoax" and "Well, I'm not worried about money" during the week of March 12–18. 

1. Taurus

Because you are so strongly supported by the swaying transits of the week, you will serve as a living example of your enlightened frame of mind. 

You have taught yourself that worrying is a waste of your valuable time here on earth.

You're having a terrific week, Virgo, because you've finally understood one of life's biggest lessons: don't take yourself too seriously. 

2. Virgo

Accepting it all 'with a grain of salt' is what's starting to make your life feel easier and more pleasant. 

You'll have complete assistance from the universal transits as you put your newfound knowledge to use during the week of March 12 – 18, 2023.

Your week is feeling particularly fantastic because you appear to have lately overcome something, in part. Maybe it was your list of expectations;

3. Capricorn

when they weren't met, you were unhappy, but that disappointment gave you a useful lesson: don't have such high expectations.

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