3 Zodiac Signs Have "Tedious" Weekly Horoscopes

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This week, you have a frank confrontation with a coworker, and you're furious that this "situation" is still going on and that this coworker still sees you as the problem.

1. Virgo

Even if you've brought this situation up multiple times with "management" and management has taken your side, it's as if you've got this odd personal karma to pay off 

With the Quarter Moon in Cancer, you may take job and home pressure personally this week. Libra, remind yourself there is no conspiracy against you. 

2. Libra

You feel defeated before you even start since Moon opposite Pluto has drained your energy this week. You're not driven this week

Hardly the worst week, but it contains "unnecessary hassles." Scorpio hates hassles. You enjoy order, but everywhere you go is a mess.

3. Scorpio

Your week is worsened by your reluctance to accept responsibility for your role in the mess. You'll search for someone to blame, but the tough aspect is that no one will accept your guilt. 

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