Take A Risk This March

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3 Zodiacs Who Will 

Opening up to a complete stranger is the danger you'll take in March, Cancer. When it comes to getting to know people, you have a tried-and-true method, 


 yet your low-key strategy frequently produces unimpressive results. Turning things up is necessary to find the fire and passion you've been seeking

This month, Capricorn, you'll take a chance by taking that party trick seriously. You're going to try everything in the clear light of day, whether it's karaoke, impressions, speaking French,


or penning petty poems about people's ex-girlfriends. You love music, humour, travel, or fiction, but you're actually far too afraid to ever explore the subject from a serious standpoint.

Hope is the danger you face this month, Aquarius. Have faith in yourself, your future, and the assistance of others. You've been neglecting your own needs lately 


because you spend so much time focusing on others. Therefore, your risk is scheduling that doctor's appointment, going to the dentist, getting your hair done, going to therapy

scheduling a massage, blocking off time to read, preparing meals in advance, and going for a walk while allowing yourself to believe that after completing any or all of these tasks

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