4 Things Every Man Should Know About Testosterone

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Want maximum testosterone? Embrace mornings.Dr. Yafi says testosterone follows the circadian—or sleep—rhythm.

Your T-levels are highest in the morning

“Testosterone levels are highest between 7:00 and 10:00 in the morning and lowest at night.”

Make sure your mornings are clear to use your testosterone for a workout, a romantic time, or a huge project.

Dr. Yafi thinks that high levels in the morning may help men focus and workout better.

Testosterone affects more than simply muscle growth and libido.

Testosterone affects your brain and body

“There's a lot of evidence demonstrating a relationship between low testosterone and depression and other mood disorders, early onset memory loss and dementia

 and what we call a foggy brain—difficulty concentrating and being motivated,” says Dr. Yafi.

As testosterone therapy advances, Dr. Yafi's low-T patients benefit mentally. “They're more driven and focused,” he says. “Maybe they remember better. The clinic sees this often.”

Men have testosterone and women estrogen, right? Dr. Yafi says testosterone has three types. Free testosterone is available to cells. 

There are several types of testosterone

The other two kinds of testosterone and most of your blood testosterone are connected to albumin and SHBG, respectively.

Bioavailable testosterone includes free and albumin-bound testosterone.

The third type—testosterone linked to SHBG proteins—is not usable. Dr. Yafi believes SHBG and SHBG-attached testosterone rise with age.Hence, free and total testosterone blood tests are beneficial.

Many men equate "testosterone replacement treatment" with locker room injections because steroids are forbidden without a prescription. They're distinct.

Testosterone replacement therapy isn’t steroids

“Testosterone replacement involves boosting testosterone from low to normal levels,” explains Dr. Yafi.Those with normal testosterone levels utilize steroids to boost their testosterone.

Dr. Yafi says replacement therapy for low testosterone may enhance quality of life. Added bonus? “Testosterone replacement treatment is very safe when done clinically.”

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