4 Zodiac Signs Fall Out Of Love & End A Relationship In May 2023

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We sometimes get a rude awakening. We may have been unhappy in a relationship for a while, trying to fix it, but we know the truth.

1. Aries

This connection is more of a lesson than a lifetime commitment. Self-esteem wounds often impede us from going on.

If a relationship isn't right, you can't make it work. You have gone through a lot in recent months and years.

2. Taurus

You've changed so much that it's hard to see a relationship growing with you. This month's planetary energy in your zodiac sign makes self-care easy. This shows self-love, not selfishness. 

Even though some may question why it's taking so long, ending a relationship is a process that cannot be hastened.

3. Gemini

Admitting the truth to yourself takes time. Even unhealthy relationships are hard to end. Even an ancient wound is comforted. 

Your romantic relationship is at a crossroads. Recognizing this uncertainty and staying true to yourself is crucial.

4. Pisces

The Taurus New Moon will help you hear your inner voice and follow your truth. 

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