4 Zodiac Signs Most Affected By Full Moons

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Sagittarians are known for being the most open of all the zodiac signs to things that are strange and unreal.


During the Full Moon, a Sagittarius might get sad and teary, but once they've gotten over it, they'll go off and plan something huge for the future.

They're used to keeping their feelings to themselves, and even though they don't like to do it, they manage to be good examples of stoicism and a laid-back attitude.


Being balanced takes energy, and when the pull of the moon starts to work on a Libra man or woman, it's like the floodgates open up for them.

Again, here we are. At the end of the year, right after Sagittarius, your Capricorn thinkers are all fired up and have nowhere to go.


The good thing about Capricorns is that they can turn their anger into something creative, which they often do around the time of the Full Moon.

Oh, you lovely creatures, you. Don't you know that you're driving your parents crazy?


If we want to know how the Full Moon affects us, all we have to do is put an Aries under the Full Moon. The result is an emotional avalanche.

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