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4 Zodiac Signs That Should Text 

Aries, do you like challenges? This April, the cosmos are encouraging your fiery and competitive personality to take a risk. Mars, your ruling planet, is favorable,


so reach out to your ex and let your fearless side take over. You may have left things unsaid or want to clear the air for new prospects. 

Libra, your balance and harmony make you a good option for reconnecting this April. Venus, your ruling planet, will make you charming and irresistible.


Employ this cosmic boost to contact a special ex. Keep your word and be honest. Your inherent politeness will enable a seamless dialogue, whether it leads to rekindled passion or a calm closure.

Sagittarius, look back. Jupiter, your ruling planet, gives you hope and courage, making you crave new adventures. This month, the universe wants you to reflect on past relationships


Openness and honesty can lead to productive dialogues and personal progress, so text your ex now. You might even rekindle an old flame!

Pisces, this month is yours. Your ruling planet, Neptune, allows you to explore your emotions and heal old scars. When you're more in tune with your emotions 


and can express them honestly, texting your ex could bring closure or forgiveness. However, don't let past feelings sweep you away. You deserve to grow and heal from past experiences!

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