Use A Hug This Weekend

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4 Zodiac Signs Who Could 

Sometimes you're hard to read. Your chaos makes people question your thoughts. Since they don't know how you'll react, your friends may not hug you even if you need one. 


Start asking this weekend. Openly hug someone you care about. (Or a sad expression, depending on your embrace.) 

You like control and think you don't need anyone but yourself. No problem. You tell yourself that. You know better.


This weekend, you'll want a deeper emotional connection you can't achieve alone. A long hug is the easiest method to create that connection, but a meaningful talk is better.

Libra, you prefer physical affection, unlike some other signs on this list. You like hugs. You love a good embrace as a hello or goodbye to loved ones. 


 This weekend, welcome everyone. You can embrace other signs and satisfy your intense craving for physical affection.

As a workaholic, you rarely stop to assess your needs. That recently? Mental health? How's your body?


After looking inward, you'll probably conclude you need emotional connection. Hug your favorite people this weekend. That's the start.

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