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4 Zodiac Signs Would Make 

Knowing a Capricorn means you are aware of their passion for success and competitive nature.


Since they have the "hunger to win against an opponent" and perseverance that might "set them up advantageously in a legal career," Gerdes feels Capricorns make for the finest lawyers.

If there's one thing Virgos are known for, it's being careful, organised, and disciplined; these qualities, in Gerdes' opinion, are what make Virgos particularly effective lawyers.


 "Virgos are renowned for their brilliance and have a tendency to hold themselves to a high standard."

The fact that Libra, whose emblem is the scales of justice, appears on this list is no accident. Libra, according to Ms. Charlotte, is the sign of "diplomacy and impartiality,"


and their capacity to analyse the evidence equitably sets them apart from the competition. “ Due of their dual natures, they are skilled debaters who can support either side.

Scorpios are renowned for their strong intuitive abilities.  A Scorpio lawyer will be able to use this trait by sleuthing out people's lies and reading between the lines.


Also, she claims that a Scorpio is a dangerous adversary in court because of their desire to get their hands dirty and stand up for the weak.

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