4 Zodiac Signs Would Rather Die Than Admit Wrong


Libras just want goddamn global peace, so enter us in a beauty competition, now. You can be sure we'll try to make it so on a more individual level.

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Right? Capricorns hope so. Since they're the only ones paying attention and following the rules, they can't do anything wrong.

Capricorns think you're stupid, not wrong. They'll find any reason to blame others' ignorance. Avoid stupidity around these men.


The first of the zodiac, they think they're #1 in everything, the best in any competition, and fierce leaders. Aries leaders never err. Their language doesn't even include "wrong."

Their God complex reinforces their belief that everyone else is inferior and that the world would be better if everyone behaved like them. Since they're perfect, nobody would ever do wrong.


Taurus obstinate. They prefer hospitalisation to acknowledging error. They emotionally and physically resist being pushed.

Tauruses have ultimate word and will horn anyone who challenges them. Good luck convincing them they're wrong—they'll only get resentful.


Scorpios consider themselves the zodiac's watchdog. They believe they are victims of awful things and could never cause them.

They believe they are too calculated and careful to do anything wrong since they spend so much time secretly monitoring people. Scorpios will never admit wrongdoing—they'll bury it.

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