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4 Zodiacs About to Start A New Relationship This Spring

Taurus, your Spring romance is casual. A perfectly prepared will-they-won't-they dance that conveys so much without saying anything. 


Excitement, seduction, hesitation, and uncertainty overtake you. As you contemplate the future, you feel more alive than ever. Though you're eager, don't rush. 

Leo, you'll bond this spring. An acquaintance, coworker, or someone your friend has been trying to set you up with for years. You know this individual but haven't gotten to know them.


A simple query or complement can lead to an unexpected connection. Enjoy the joyful surprise, but work hard. You need to get to know each other, even though attraction can be overwhelming. 

Virgo, you mentor this spring. Reminds you of your youth. Someone who brings back bittersweet, painful memories and makes you gaze in the mirror. 


 This individual reminds you of all the parts of yourself you've left behind, some for the better and some you forgot you lost and wish to regain. 

Capricorn, you will start a new relationship with yourself this spring. Waves will hit you. Your outfit. Unthinkable success. One-by-one personal tasks. 


It will hit like a freight train. You're the "you" you wanted. "Grown-up" you. A poised, professional, confident, self-assured, content you. who pursues their goals. 

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