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4 Zodiacs Most Affected By Venus In Gemini 2023

Your sign had Nodes in 2021. Venus returning to your sign may help you integrate the lessons from the Nodes moving and Venus Retrograde, both in Gemini.


Welcome this transit with a new adventure. You and Sagittarius will focus on relationship energy for several weeks. 

It grants power and success. Venus in Gemini inspires. Knowledge may provide affection. Dialogue can ease travel relationships. Venus connects like-minded people.


 Venus leaves Saturn, making socializing easier. It's a good time to mingle, read, and reconsider your career goals. 

This transit balances and opens your house of relationships, preparing you for your next love period. You'll focus on self-repair and utilizing Venus Retrograde in Gemini 


Early travel healing can do this. Mercury retrograde in Taurus may revive previous connections and ex-partners. You learned much after your sign's nodes migrated. 

Breaking or learning boundaries. Venus in Gemini helps you apply Saturn's lessons. Couples will struggle to communicate early in this travel.


The transit offers excitement, accomplishment, and grounding. Creative breakthroughs can happen. Gemini's energy squares your sign, but you'll be more ambitious.

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