4 Zodiacs On Track To Meet Their Soulmate This Weekend


You've been quiet all winter. Logic! The short days and cloudy weather weren't exactly inspiring. Spring has revived your energies. Make things happen with your increased vigor.

 It may be using dating apps again, asking out your sweetheart, or just being more cheerful and magnetic in social situations. Attract wonderful goods and worthy people.


This is a rare list. People talk more about your closedness than your soulmate. Scorpios build impenetrable walls. Mars in Cancer will enhance your social life. 

If the universe is telling you to get out this weekend, even for breakfast with friends, do it. More exposure will attract love. More love means more chances of finding the one.


You always work. You like finishing things. That's terrific, but intangible, emotion-based things like love fall by the wayside. You'll gradually move away from workaholism as you transition.

What remains after? A deeper commitment to finding love. Weekend. Hinge with pals. You're ready for major romantic moments right now.


You always ponder about your soulmate, unlike other zodiac signs. You're romantic, but this winter has sapped your enthusiasm to act. Mars in Cancer manifests for you.

You know how to find the one. Just follow your passion and make it happen. You can take those scary actions now more than ever.

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