4 Zodiacs Preparing For A New Chapter This Weekend

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Hibernation is over. The early spring weather may be depressing, but that's your cue to change. Avoid summer depression. 


This weekend, brainstorm strategies to manifest this transformation. You're not doomed. You can influence events. Taurus, remember. Everything can improve. Just work hard.

You're trapped lately. You regret your actions. Horrible habits, toxic friends, dead-end career. You know this pattern is unhealthy, yet it's comforting. 


Remove what doesn't serve you. Start this weekend with something simpler. Choose a quick-fix area of your life and do it. After one domino falls, the rest will fall easily.

You're excited about a new chapter, unlike previous signs. Have you started? Your ideas break apart there. 


It's fun to dream about your life, but if you don't take action, your dreams will stay in your head. Instead than staring at your life goals, take action. Begin something this weekend.

Even you need to start again sometimes. You may pivot again because life is always changing. 


You may have a lingering concept or no idea what to do next. Imagine your summer this weekend. DIY backyard tree house? Costa Rica ziplining? An all-girls vacation? Plan, babe.

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