Romantic Connection In March

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4 Zodiacs Secretly Craving A 

You're not generally a secretive person when it comes to dating. About the dates from hell, you'll be delighted to tell pals. In the end, they make interesting stories! 


You don't want to admit how much you wish you had found "the one," though. You're feeling unusually mushy this month, and you keep thinking about discovering the ideal romantic relationship.

While you may believe that by claiming to be content with your alone, you are actually merely misleading yourself. Indeed, being alone is absolutely acceptable.


 And for the most part, you're delighted to stay out of all the awkward situations and hassles that come with being in a relationship.

You frequently mention how adding another person to your life would make matters more difficult. You desire clarity. You don't want to change your way of life to fit someone else into it. 


Even if all of this may be true, at the end of the day, you can't help but wish you had someone with you. Someone with whom to cuddle. Someone to go on your many, both big and small, adventures with.

You don't speak. You remain solitary. You do well on your own. And yet, you still ponder what it would be like to sleep next to someone


rather than alone on chilly nights after a long day of working on projects or spending time with your dogs. You've had a particularly difficult March for whatever reason.

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