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4 Zodiacs That Take The Longest To Get Married

Capricorn may complicate this observation. Capricorns are known as workaholics who struggle to focus on other life milestones. 


They also cherish tradition and might be a bit old-fashioned, so getting married makes sense. Saturn—Capricorn's ruler—is the main indicator. 

Aquarius signs may be expected, but their traits make this a toss-up. Aquariuses are unconventional and may not want to marry.


Aquarius, despite its denial, is a fixed sign that lives on consistency. Saturn rules Aquarius alongside Uranus, like Capricorn. Saturn helps Aquarius recognize a structure or tradition

Sagittarius marriages are either rushed or postponed. Sagittarius loves adventure and spontaneity. They may support marriage, but taking action is another matter.


Sagittarius wants options—people, possibilities, and adventures. They don't like that marriage means settling down and giving up huge dreams.

With so many options, Geminis don't rush into marriage. prefer Sagittarius, they prefer having options and won't give them up unless it's the right way. 


Mercury, the planet of communication and memory, rules the air sign, so they may overthink if this commitment is good for them. 

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