4 Zodiacs Who Always Fall For People At The Wrong Time

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You pick good partners. Your relations rarely burn. You don't get into huge fights and say terrible things you regret. Most of the time, you slowly realize that you're not meant to be together


because you're at different phases in life, want different things, or have outside circumstances prohibiting you from becoming a lifelong partner

Your heart's desires make it hard to control. It often wants someone off-limits. Perhaps they're dating. You may need time to heal after a disastrous relationship. 


Maybe you're both too busy. Even when you get along well and have fun together, there always appears to be someone you can't make a relationship work with.


You're impulsive, Aries. Passion guides you. Sadly, this means you often date people who don't share your lifestyle. As the puppy love phase passes, you may find you want different things. 


You may be in different stages of life. You seem to fall for exciting, engaging people at the worst possible time. They and you are not the issue. Timing is problematic.

Being spontaneous and impetuous, you fall for people without recognizing it. You soon want to date this individual. You're practical too. You won't date someone you know won't last.


You don't want to torture either of you. You always fall for great people at bad times, but you typically follow your head. You normally choose the best option on paper.

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