4 Zodiacs Who Always Get Fooled By Almost Relationships


You have a tender heart and are highly trusting, and once you discover the right person, this will be a wonderful quality. 

Yet in the interim, being pleasant might work against you. You might believe that those who use manipulation to get what they want from you are truly being plain and honest.


You're a positive person. You want to think that everything will turn out okay and that the effort you put into your relationships will be worthwhile in the end. 

You will therefore give someone a chance even if they are showing warning signs by letting them go for a while.


Regardless of how many times you've been let down, you consistently see the best in people. 

Because you would want people to do the same for you, you concentrate on their positive attributes while downplaying their negative ones. 

Also, even if they exhibit a few red flags early on in the relationship, you will give them another chance because you strongly believe in forgiveness.


Your passion may sometimes overcome you. When you find that special someone, you won't give it much thought. Just take pleasure in the journey. 

You will be preoccupied with your feelings for them rather than taking the time to sit down and consider whether this person is treating you fairly by placing a label on the relationship 

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