4 Zodiacs Who Are Better Off Single This April 2023

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You're busy—do you have time for a relationship? While you occasionally want a monogamous relationship, it's usually not the right time.


That's fine! Instead of forcing a relationship you don't desire, focus on job, friends, or hobbies. Don't let spring love or friends persuade you. Singlehood is OK and perhaps best for you.

If you want to date this month, be sure you're ready. Wait to heal from a breakup. Cancers take longer to recover than other symptoms. No problem!


Instead, use April to improve yourself emotionally. We can always improve—you may even have a list of self-help ideas. This is your self-love era, not your love era.

You're sociable. No issue. You're a fantastic partner, but you move on so swiftly after a breakup that you never date alone. You may not know how you are alone. 


If you're single in April, don't date. Enjoy your solitude. How is being alone? It may not be so horrible. With your newfound wisdom, you may be pickier when dating.

You like relationships on paper. Is there time? Commitment seems like it would slow you down when you have so much to do. Do you want another person? You'll lose decision-making power.


Partnerships require commitment. You're teammates. After answering these questions, you may decide you're better off alone. That's fine! Singlehood is fine if it makes you happy.

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