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4 Zodiacs Who Are Good Liars


Geminis are sociable individuals. They always say the perfect thing at the right time, and they have the ability to get anyone to open up to them.

They can lie through their teeth and stare others in the eye without breaking a sweat.


Scorpios are exceptionally good at maintaining secrets. Because they keep their private lives private, they listen more often than they speak. 

But, if they are asked a direct question, they will attempt to avoid the matter and change the subject.


This sign is shockingly deceptive. They are able to deceive and manipulate people to achieve their goals. 

They do not intend to harm anyone. They are working to ensure everyone's safety and happiness.


They avoid confrontations and unpleasant conversations at all costs, therefore they may lie about their health if they are actually suffering.

They would rather live with the issue than endure the anxiety of a confrontation.

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