4 Zodiacs Who Are Scared To Ask Their Partners For More

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When you become emotionally attached to someone, you won't want to think about ending the relationship. You will pretend there are issues


because you don't want your spouse to think about them and because you don't want them to be brought up. Asking for more runs the risk of driving your person away.

Because you don't want to start a fight, you feel bad for asking for more. After all, everything is well at the moment. 


They are controllable. They're not awful, either. But each of those is a difficult way to acknowledge settling. Furthermore, you are deserving to far more than the minimum.

You do not want to ask your partner for too much because you have previously been accused of being greedy. Nonetheless, it's likely that your demands are totally acceptable.


Even if they aren't, you and your partner might still be able to reach a compromise that will ultimately make you both happier.

You don't want to bring up your grievances in case you unintentionally make your spouse feel horrible about themselves, even though you have issues with the relationship.


They should be able to talk to you about difficult topics, even though it's nice that you care so much about their sentiments.

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