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4 Zodiacs Who Experience 

Even if you prefer long-term partnerships to brief flings, delaying heartbreak for years, you always wind up being the one with a broken heart. 


Breakups are devastating. It feels as if everything in your universe has been turned on its head, and you are unable to hold on.

Not only have you experienced heartbreak frequently, but you also appear to harbour hurt and resentment for a longer period of time than other people.


Your buddies are well aware that you will continue to bring up your ex for a long time. You were the actual catch in the relationship, 

 so you know how awful they were, how much they wounded you, and how horribly they must have moved on.

Because of the regret they have about the relationship, Scorpios frequently experience severe heartbreak—even when they are technically the ones causing it.


When you feel deceived, you frequently regret ever opening out because you fiercely guard your hearts.

When you experience a heartbreak, your irritability is at its peak. Bring on the depressing emo music and the sob-inducing movie marathon.


There's a hidden part of you that enjoys heartache while others avoid it. Since how can you find love without running the risk of heartache?

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