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4 Zodiacs Who Ignore Relationship 

Libra, you avoid conflict because of fear. You act calm to avoid unease. Despite your pain, you smile. Yet, ignoring issues prevents your spouse from improving.


If they don't know they're doing something wrong, they won't fix it. To develop your connection, be honest about how you feel. By being nice and not complaining, you may be damaging the relationship.

Sagittarius, you're fun. One who cheers everyone up. Avoid drama. So you keep your complaints to yourself. You ignore difficulties and hope they go away 


because you don't want to ruin the atmosphere. That'll never happen. It won't just work. Do the work. Sit down and have tough conversations. 

Relationship issues aren't ignored. You think about them constantly. Though secretly. Your mind. You don't tell your lover how you're feeling because you're afraid they'll leave. 


You grin and endure it because you can live with your situation but not without this individual. You act normal to avoid appearing needy. But you should speak up. 

You put off tasks you don't like. You hate difficult conversations with your lover. While you're furious, you'll act calm.


There is no ideal time to discuss your concerns. Never feel ready to express what you need to say. But, you must. To maintain your connection, be honest.

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