4 Zodiacs Who Need To Block Their Ex This Weekend


It was a heartbreaking breakup. The worst feeling you've ever experienced was that. 

Although you were aware intellectually that you ought to have severed all ties with your ex from the time you split up, your emotions prevented you from making the necessary move.

But, you suddenly find yourself checking their social media pages at odd hours of the night to see what's happening.


Which one did you think of when you read the title asking you to block your ex? You like to keep all of your ex-partners just out of reach but still in view, 

especially the ones that hurt you the most. It's how you somewhat torture yourself every day. You are the sign that is most rooted in the past among all the zodiac signs.


Normally, once you cross a bridge, you burn it. You find the thought of maintaining communication with an ex repulsive. There is still that one, though. The one, you know.

The ex who devastated you so severely yet who still has a particular place in your heart. You're quite good at keeping up when they text you to catch up or publish something.


You take great satisfaction in your capacity to maintain friendships with former lovers. That's the fa├žade you present, at least.

Are you really pleased maintaining in touch with these ex-spouses, you ask yourself? The answer is probably true in a few cases. 

Keep those special ex-partners in your life, by all means. The others, though? It is not a right, but a privilege that you are in their lives.

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