4 Zodiacs Who Need To Guard Their Hearts This April 2023

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You like routines, especially ones that keep you at home. Unfortunately, not everyone wants that. If you're not careful, your companion or future partner may not like this month's schedule.


Everyone wants out now that it's warming up. Leaving your comfort zone protects your heart. Though it seems counterintuitive, being spontaneous shows you care. That could prevent April heartbreak.

You're sensitive. You care about people and would do anything for practically anyone, which has drawbacks. You attract folks with terrible intentions. 


As they can get away with much, they do. Be more choosy this April to protect your heart. Being picky isn't awful. Retain individuals that treat you like a diamond.

You believe you're invincible, but we all know you're simply emotional mush. It's fine! While you usually keep that under wraps, the April showers are making your nerve-endings especially zippy.


Small things that didn't upset you previously could spiral you down. Don't confess your love to your crush unless you're sure you can bear the heartbreak.

Issue? Your romantic life may be hiding something. If you're preoccupied, you can miss what's going on around you. Your partner may feel neglected. 


Maybe you're bad at first dates. Look around more in April to guard your heart. Be aware of others' subtle pain. If you keep your eyes and fingers crossed, you may prevent a huge heartbreak.


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