Being So Hard On Themselves 

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4 Zodiacs Who Need To Stop

You're determined to achieve your lofty goals, but you shouldn't sacrifice your well-being in the process. While it's necessary to occasionally challenge yourself,


this doesn't mean putting yourself in uncomfortable situations. Keep in mind that you have the right to slow down if you start to feel fragile.

Quit using yourself as a punching bag because you are not the center of the universe. When things go wrong, you are not always to blame.


Yet when you observe a shift in someone's tone or behavior, they might not necessarily be angry with you. You cannot control everything that happens.

You cannot take on a ton of obligations and then feel guilty about not completing them all. Just human, you are.


That much responsibility cannot be assumed at once without causing you to give way to pressure. 

You're constantly so hard on yourself because you're afraid that being kind to yourself will make you lazy.


 Yet your mental well-being must come before productivity. You need to start being more kind to yourself. When you're under stress, you should treat yourself.

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