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4 Zodiacs Who 

Geminis are renowned for letting their fear of commitment ruin their romantic relationships. They are terrified of being exposed, which is the source of an even greater terror. 


Due to their propensity to change their personalities to suit those around them, Gemini is such a chameleon. 

They each portray themselves differently around other people, depending on how they wish to be understood.

Of all the signs of the zodiac, Cancer may have the largest heart. Because they have the potential to be the most exposed of all the indicators, the crab is scared of being exposed.


Nobody yearns for "the one" as much as Cancer. They envision an authentic future with someone (usually with marriage and family and all the work). 

Whatever the end goal, it's crucial for this sign to eventually find a spouse with whom to create a home. They had already risked all and made the ultimate sacrifice for love.

Virgo has an innate dread of love and the effects of being truly vulnerable. Although Virgo would never say it, one of their greatest desires—and one of their greatest fears—is to be exposed.


They continuously ruin the possibilities because they don't want anyone to recognise their flaws and because they can't ever get rid of the urge to defend themselves. 

Scorpio never fully reveals their genuine self but always demands complete honesty from others. This is not meant to imply that they are being dishonest or disingenuous, 


but rather that they shield their identity by never really letting it be known. Not that this Matryoshka doll would ever let you to get past the first layer,

 but peel back a layer and uncover another couple hundred thousand beneath that one. Scorp is innately sceptical and distrustful of other people.

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