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4 Zodiacs Who Should Call In A Mental Health Day This Week

You request mental health days when needed. You express your desires better than any other sign. You may not realize you need it. Focusing on others, you neglect own mental wellness. 


That makes you wonder, "Oh oh, am I having a panic attack?" What happened? This week, self-assess to check if things are really okay. If not? Mental health day, baby.

“But I have so much to do,” you might say while considering a mental health day. Most likely. You may work for many people. Nonetheless, this should be learned: Even if you stop, the world spins.


 Unless you work at an understaffed nuclear power plant, missing a day won't hurt your employment. Job or health? Please say "later."

Self-criticism is excessive. Naturally. You live that vibe every day, even if your buddies didn't tell you. 


That manifests in the near-pathological belief that if you're not working on something, you're lazy and unworthy. 

You're emotionally depleted. You're exhausted, your stars are off, and you need a rest. Asking causes fear. You may fear being fired or despised.


They won't. If that happens, you were in a hazardous workplace and would be better off without it. Take a mental wellness day. 

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