4 Zodiacs Who Should Stay Away From Their Crush This Week


Brave. Most people love your natural trait. Regrettably, your boldness sometimes frighten weaker people. This week, give your emotional introvert crush some space.

This helps you. It'll allow your crush time to understand how they feel about you, and it'll give you time to decide if you want someone who can't handle you at 100% 24/7.


You'll acknowledge you're occasionally too much. Whether you want to or not, you show your emotions. This can overwhelm your crush. 

 Even if they like you, your overwhelming feelings may scare them. Maybe a getaway would release you both? Don't call it a strategy.


You fall hard when you do fall for someone. They consume you. You imagine wedded life. 

You silently suffer whenever they discuss a date. You're a master of unrequited love. Avoid your crush this week. You need a break, not them.


Two methods to smash. You either like having a crush or take it too seriously. For the latter, you agonise over every word. 

 You'll screenshot and send your crush's meme to all your buddies to get their interpretation. 

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