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4 Zodiacs Who Struggle When They’re Single


This zodiac sign desires to be surrounded by dependable individuals who make them feel safe and protected.

They will have difficulty with breakups since they cannot tolerate change. People become uneasy when confronted with the unknown. 


This zodiac sign is a carer. They are constantly eager to assist others. They desire to assist in any manner possible.

When they are alone, they have too much time to reflect. They do not wish to concentrate on their own issues.


Although though Leos are incredibly self-confident and aware that they deserve the best, being single can be difficult for them.

They desire that others applaud them, pursue them, and lavish them with lavish gifts. 


This sign is typically interested in long-term relationships. They dislike the crush phase because there is too much ambiguity and envy.

Even though Scorpios can appear aloof to strangers, they yearn for connection. 

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