4 Zodiacs Who Will Achieve Their Goal By The End Of The Year

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This year, you're training for results. Anything like weight training or learning a new language or instrument involves dedication, repetition, and a progressive rise in difficulty over time.


This year, your availability, finances, and mindset will align to achieve this long-term goal. Sticking to a timetable requires attention and time. 

Don't be too hard on yourself because you started late or compared to others. Enjoy each day and track your progress in a fun way. 

Cancer, extend your comfort zone. Whether you want to overcome a fear or merely learn to second-guess yourself less when pursuing opportunities, reaching out to new people


 or trying something new, what seems like a wild chance at the moment will slowly become second nature and set a precedent for taking bigger risks later.

As you begin to piece together the chain of events you will call progress, your confidence will grow as you learn from every encounter.

Scorpio, your present goal is a continuation. After success, you had to decide what to do next. Crossing a finish line can leave us disoriented or frustrated at losing a longtime motivator.


Until now, this goal was your limit. This year is about elevating. Job, education, relationship. You will set a higher standard for yourself and figure out how to get there.

You'll need to acclimatize to that beginner, square one mindset, but remember all the times you've been here and the incredible things you've accomplished. 

Pisces, your aim this year is emotional. Increase your self-confidence, patience, or kindness. You may wish to take more time to process your emotions. Accept the highs and lows. 


This year, appreciate yourself instead of fighting your feelings and striving to balance everything. You'll discover what's causing these varied emotions and what you can influence. 

If some places, people, or activities bring you down, you will ask yourself if they are helping you or if they can be removed. How well you know yourself by year's end will determine this achievement.

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