4 Zodiacs Who Will Be The Main Character In April 2023

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You'll be the Life of the Party protagonist. Entering a room draws attention. Your warmth, vivacity, and bombastic thoughts are loved. You'll party in every room in April.


After spending 30 minutes laughing about how you got that splinter in your palm, the personnel at your doctor's office will leave smiling. Fun, free, and you leave the room better than you found it.

You'll play the Manic Pixie Dream Girl. This April, everyone will notice your uniqueness. Your eccentricity attracts people. You're the center of your universe.


Like the movie Manic Pixie Dream Girls, you may attract people who just care about how you make them feel, not who you really are. Avoid negative people,

You'll be the primary character in Making Things Happen. Two types of humans. Big dreamers and doers.


You are. You'll finish other people's unfinished tasks in April. You'll feel confident even if no one notices.

You'll star in a brooding mystery. You're notorious for building big heart walls, but it doesn't necessarily make you intriguing.


 April will find you cool and mysterious instead of guarded. You'll make people swoon, but you don't want them too close.

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