4 Zodiacs Who (Wrongly) Believe Love Is About Sacrifice

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You do anything for your loved ones. But you shouldn't give away parts of yourself every day. You shouldn't sacrifice everything that makes you happy if they won't.


Love is about compromise and meeting halfway. No one should suffer alone. Despite your smile. Even if you're happy to help. You'll eventually detest what they made you give up and what they didn't. 

When you think love is the most wonderful thing, your passion rules you. You've spent a lifetime looking for love, therefore you're a giver. No need. Dream career and partner are possible. 


They shouldn't take your friends, hobbies, or identity. Your partner won't heal you. Already complete. They should improve your life. Don't compromise your past for them. 

Leo, you're demanding. You want to be their top choice. Be their main priority. It's fine to seek your partner's attention, but you can't be their entire universe.


They can't sacrifice everything to make you happy. You can keep their passions and friendships if you make sense. You can join their hobbies. Maybe you can both do what you love.

You'll do everything for love. You'll do anything to make them smile. Nevertheless, committing oneself to a relationship is different than putting effort into it. 


 Work hard without destroying yourself. The right person would never urge you to sacrifice what matters most. They'd help. They want you to be happy in all aspects of your life, not just theirs.

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