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4 Zodiacs With A Plot Twist Around the Corner

Gemini figuratively. Someone important to you is attractive. Dresses well. Social status. Stable financially. home owner. Smart and witty. They haven't fully disclosed.


This person's baggage is more shocking than most. 
Their reasons may vary. They may be terrified of being seen differently, losing you, or taking advantage of you. 

Cancer, your benefactor may not be a former Real Housewife, white collar criminal, or Illinois governor, but the conflict of interest remains. 


You spent new money without checking the source or reading the tiny print.
In a connected global economy, it's nearly impossible to make a living without consequences.

Sister gets scarlet fever...Pisces, everyone faces crossroads. We usually have the power to choose, but sometimes other cars block our lane change at crossroads. 



Past influences present. People evaluate us based on our past and current needs. 

Whether we are proud to meet that challenge or the obligation feels personal, every action made for us takes away our power to make a different one. 

The hybrid approach was a ruse—you're returning to work full-time.Sorry, Capricorn. The metaphor fits. It was stated. You believed that, yet someone broke their promise. 


Truth-teller and rule-follower. Your life is more black and white than grey. Clarity matters. When others take advantage of your desire to follow directions, you feel misled.

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