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5 Best Cities for Singles in the U.S.

Boston is the state capital and financial hub. Boston features one of America's largest economies with powerful finance and healthcare industries.

5. Boston, MassachusettsInsider Monkey’s Score: 18.8

The city's major employer, Massachusetts General Hospital, is one of America's oldest and largest hospitals. Fidelity Investments, a major asset manager, is headquartered in the city.

Vegas is famous worldwide. Nevada's largest casinos are in the city.

4. Las Vegas, NevadaInsider Monkey’s Score: 17.8

The Las Vegas Strip attracts thousands of tourists each year with its bustling nightlife and gambling. Museums, performance art institutions, and galleries are also attractions.

Over a million people live in San Antonio, one of the most populous cities in America. It's Texas's second-largest metropolis and economic center.

3. San Antonio, TexasInsider Monkey’s Score: 15.4

Several Fortune 500 energy companies are in San Antonio. The city has museums, amusement parks, and animal attractions. San Antonio contains some of America's largest theaters.


Seattle is one of Washington's largest cities. Amazon and Starbucks are based in the northwestern US metropolis.

2. Seattle, WashingtonInsider Monkey’s Score: 13.8

Technology is a major employer in Seattle. Seattle features America's best parks and a year-round mild temperature.

Austin is the capital of Texas and one of the most populated U.S. cities. Due of its many government buildings,

1. Austin, TexasInsider Monkey’s Score: 11.4

it accommodates nearly a million people and attracts tourists. Dell, Apple, NXP Semiconductors, Tesla, NVIDIA, Oracle, and Qualcomm are all in the city. 

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