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5 Signs You're A

The angry individual drives like she's the only one who knows how to drive. He honks or cuts them off. She flips off other drivers or curses out the window.

1. You drive like an angry person

An angry individual will often get enraged over the smallest thing, then feel ridiculous the next day.

2. You have at least one argument per day with someone

Why did I get so angry? That seems less important now.” You're undoubtedly upset if you fight with friends and strangers.

Anger concerns can cause people to curse more. Most individuals dislike hearing others curse, and cursing in front of non-cursers is aggressive and unpleasant.

3. You curse more than most people

And you tell yourself that everyone eventually lets you down. So, if you've become an angry person, you will have a hard time having smooth relationships with friends.

4. You’ve lost faith in friends

Sarcastic humor typically masks resentment and wrath, which people can spot a mile away. Anger can be misinterpreted as a joke.

5. Your primary sense of humor is sarcasm

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