5 Ways to appear more attractive instantly

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1. Wear the color black.

According to the study, black is the most seductive colour to wear.

People may appear to have particular desirable features or traits when wearing this colour.

2. Smile more.

The study concluded that "evaluation of attractiveness is greatly impacted by the intensity of a smile shown on a face. 

"A smile could even make up for a person's relative lack of beauty."

3. Engage in more generous behavior.

Being generous can also enhance your attractiveness. 

The Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly published a study in 2020 that aimed to "explore the association between physical attractiveness and giving behaviour."

4. Change the way you speak during a conversation.

Try a small adjustment the next time you're speaking to someone you're interested in if you want to seem more desirable.

5. Mirror someone's body language.

You might also try to mimic the body language of the person you are interested in if you find yourself in a conversation with them.

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