5 Zodiac Signs Who Thrive On Words Of Affirmation

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Believe it or not, words count because Gemini Mercury, the planet of technology, travel, and communication, is your planetary ruler.

You enjoy it when someone engages with you about the topics you are passionate about and interested in, even if Words of Affirmation isn't your top love language. 


Actions may be more important to you than words, but they don't harm, do they? You may be self-assured and aware of your accomplishments, 

but that doesn't mean you never need to hear it from the people you care about. You like it when individuals take an interest in you and aren't embarrassed or reticent about admitting it.


Always the romantic at heart, you devote a lot of time to serving others, which you frequently don't mind doing because it comes naturally to you. 

So what happens when someone can really appreciate your kindness and express to you how much it means to them? You are compelled to melt.

And if they commend you not just for what you do but also for who you are as a person, it is the best compliment anyone could ever give you.


It's no secret that you take a brave stance when it comes to relationships, love, and life. Nothing makes you happier than seeing the results of your grand gestures 

and having your sentiments reciprocated with the same passion and intensity you bring to the table. You may place a high value on quality time and physical contact,


While some might find it surprising, words undoubtedly hold a special place in your heart. You spend so much time in your head overthinking and overanalyzing choices you make

You appreciate the thoughtful discussions and flirtatious banter in partnerships because you value intellectual stimulation greatly.

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