5 Zodiacs Who Are Never Single

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Cancers are relationship-oriented. They love and nurture. This has downsides. Their urge to be needed might develop to codependency. 


They define themselves by their relationships and feel incomplete without one. Instead of seeking for a relationship to give you self-worth, build it yourself. 

Tauruses are serious. Swiping and dating apps annoy them. Their priorities are higher.


Taurus picks carefully. When they find the right relationship, they pursue it with their usual intensity. Taurus prefers stability and habit versus exploring choices. 

Libras are known for being love drunk. You are idealistic and often swept away by things that appear too wonderful to be true


which might cause you to jump from one relationship to the next. Just attempt to ground your idealism and be more objective.

Pisces adore partnerships and are ideal partners due to their sensitivity, compassion, and love for people. Pisces love companionship.


They risk grief by giving too much in relationships. Practice slowing down and matching energy levels. 

Geminis are fascinated by others and fall in love easily. However, they're flighty and may swiftly fall out of love and find a new partner. 


Indecisiveness leads to continual second-guessing, nostalgia, and missing ex-partners. Geminis should be more grounded and clear about what they want and need in a companion. 

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