Scared To  First Move.

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 6 Zodiac Signs Aren't

There is too much going on for Capricorns to wait for someone to contact them.


They typically have a powerful initial impression, so they won't waste time if they are into someone.

Although they are aware that someone has to initiate the pursuit, Sagittarius signs do love it. Spend enough time with a Sagittarius and you'll see that they will tease


and joke about in a way that initially looks subtle but quickly becomes much bolder. They naturally connect with so many people.

Aries aren't scared to jump into the action; if they like you, they'll take the opportunity to let you know.


They can take the initiative without coming across as desperate because to their upbeat demeanour, and they are aware of this.

Leos are ambidextrous; they enjoy being chased while also being pushed to achieve their goals.


They'll probably try to draw you in first, but they fully anticipate you to crank up the pace and go after them.

Some people may see Taurus signs to be reserved, yet if they are interested in someone, they won't be afraid to reach out.


Taurus, on the other hand, doesn't usually jump in headfirst with anything. They take their time to ensure that this is the best course of action for them before taking it.

Given that making connections with people is one of their strengths, Gemini signs aren't scared to do it.


If the person they are speaking to is someone they could be interested in in more ways than one, they can tell right away. 

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