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6 Zodiac Signs Most

Gemini locals often struggle to define their desires when it comes to love and romance.

1) Gemini
Gemini is the biggest ghoster

For Aries, falling in love is a game. By the way, they won't think twice to break up with the person they are talking to if someone better comes along.

2) Aries
Aries gets bored easily

Scorpio is undoubtedly the most enigmatic sign in the zodiac, which would account for why they frequently vanish without a trace.

3) Scorpio
Scorpio lacks courage...

Sagittarius ghosts people now without even being aware of it. Here, we're dealing with the zodiac sign that's the most daring.

4) Sagittarius
Love isn't their priority

Because Aquarius is a fairly serene sign and despises conflict, its inhabitants frequently choose the simple solution.

5) Aquarius
Aquarius runs from their problems

Leo is one of the most narcissistic signs in the zodiac, therefore if they don't feel that their partner respects and admires them enough, they won't stick around.

6) Leo
Leo always wants more

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