6 Zodiac Signs Who Struggle To Open Up


You don't mind opening yourself, but you want to reveal your best self, and you don't know what that is. You're careful about connecting with others.

Easily fake connections, but actually opening up? You keep your walls up because you're afraid people will condemn you for your flaws. You won't open up unless they persuade you.

2. Scorpio

You want to be vulnerable and open, yet the concept makes you anxious. Passion, investigation, and profound feeling are often related with self-disclosure.

3. Aquarius

Being open isn't scary—you just don't see the point. Your thoughts are often focused on the world around you or larger ideas and theories.

4. Capricorn

You appear severe and distant in your relationships. When you feel safe, you want to show your tender side. You're hesitant to open out because you don't feel good enough 

5. Taurus

You're a loving, grounded sign, so being open is fine—but on your terms. You typically know if someone is trustworthy right away, but you still make sure. 

6. Gemini

People may think you're open because you're talkative. Yet, what you talk about—ideas, interests, people, etc.—is crucial.

You rarely show others portions of yourself, and when you do, it's light. You are skilled at making superficial connections without becoming exposed.

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