6 Zodiacs You Should Date If You Want A Best Friend You Can Kiss


Aries are passionate, but they don't prioritise chemistry. This sign wants to find a partner that makes them laugh and wants to talk till two in the morning.


Physical attractiveness isn't enough for this indicator. They need a deep, personal connection. Someone they can confide in and act like a kook with.


Leos are hungry and proud. Unless someone is a close friend, they won't date them. Confidant. A collaborator. 


Libras know that friends can be stronger than lovers, therefore they want both. They desire a companion they like spending time with, even if kissing and touching are off limits.


 They're constantly making fun of themselves and entertaining others. They're just having fun. They need a spouse who likes their quirks or the relationship won't work.


Pisces can't imagine dating someone without being their best friend. Despite having many important relationships, they want their love relationship to be the strongest.

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